5 Key Ways to Effectively Communicate with Sport Parents

Greg Winkler
Fond du Lac High School, WI.
Head Boys and Girls Soccer Coach
Assistant Athletic Director

Coach Winkler starts his presentation explaining the dropout rate for High School coaches and then discusses the reasons why with parents being the main reason.

Coach shares his thoughts on what the model sport parent should be, must coach the parents.

Coach shares his pre-season Parent meeting and how it is structured, shares his coaching philosophy, playing time, winning / losing and competing.

He also shares his points on how the chain of command works first
1. Player to Coach,
2. Player to Head Coach,
3. Player / Parent to Coach,
3. Player / Parent to Head Coach,
4. Player / Parent to Principal,
5. Player / Parent to Superintendent.

Coach explains that the chain of command must always start with rule 1.

This presentation is an excellent presentation for organizing any program.

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