Athlete’s Pledge

This was designed to be used in a football program, but can be modified to use in any sport.

The best use of any post that I make is to put some sustained thought into editing it so that it becomes what you want to use in your program.

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Athlete’s Pledge


To be a member of this team, I know it is an honor and a responsibility. I am no longer an individual; I am a part of a family. Within the family is a brotherhood/sisterhood. Being apart of this brotherhood/sisterhood has its costs and responsibilities. I make my commitment to uphold and protect the legacy of my family and my brotherhood/sisterhood.

I pledge the following:

I will give my very best effort towards receiving a quality education.

I will strive to be a complete player.

I will conduct myself in a manner that does not draw unwarranted attention to my family, my school, my team, and my position players.

I will when on campus and in the classroom, cause no problems for myself, my teammates and or my teachers.

I will be the best possible student that I can be and to make sure that my grades will not jeopardize my good academic standing. If grades are in doubt I will make every attempt to make all study hall sessions and get help from my teachers and attend all tutorials.

I will follow all rules and regulations laid out by the (fill in your sport) program.

I will treat others the way I would want to be treated.

I will work towards knowing all my assignments and become a student of the game.

I will play with Character – “Play as hard as I can, for as long as I can”.

I will play with Pride – “Know that I won’t quit when it gets tough”.

I will be mentally Tough – “Accept discomfort and coaching and learn to live with it”.

When I walk out onto the field/court/track I represent:

My School.
My Teammates.
My Family.

I know that when I take the field I represent all those that came before me and that have worn the colors of my school and all those that will come after me.

Now it is my time in history. I pledge that before I leave, history will remember me as a champion both on and off the field of play.

I Promise To Follow These Vows:

Players Name: _________________________ Date: ___________

About the Author of this post:

Jerry Campbell has over 30 years of high school and college coaching experience. He has experience as a head coach, offensive coordinator, and various position coaches. He has written numerous football coaching articles in various publications, is the author of over 30 books on coaching football, and has produced 12 coaching video series. Additionally, he is a nationally sought after speaker on the coaching clinic circuit.

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