Great Teams vs. Destructive Teams

Some thoughts to share with your athletes…

Great Teams

“Prepare for every game/meet/match like you just lost your last game.”

There is a difference between readiness and preparation; readiness doesn’t get it done. You must prepare – Marine boot camp philosophy

“Treat people nice, even when they don’t deserve it.”

Have Positive Captains

– Work hard
– Take care of things on the floor/field
– Let the coaches take care of everything else

Have Great Team Attitudes

– Listen to each other
– Are courteous
– Say what they feel, but watch how they say it.
– Don’t talk behind each others back
– Don’t put each other down

Have players and coaches who accept and appreciate their roles on the team.

Work on improving their skills

Share ownership in both victory and defeat.

We before Me Attitude

– Trustworthy
– Disciplined
– Unselfish
– Help teammates up
– Know roles

Push each other in practice to better prepare each other for the next game.

Self Destructive Teams

Your Four Toughest Opponents

– Negative attitudes in your program
– Injuries
– Illness
– Ineligibility

“What is your attitude?”

“What do others perceive as your attitude?”

Have lost the love of the sport.

Are not willing to practice every day, especially when times are tough.

Lose track of their short term and long term goals. – What are the team’s goals?

Are more concerned with individual goals than the team goals.

– Who is starting?
– Whose name is in the paper?
– Who gets more playing time?

Lack leaders who will lead by example.
– “Can talk the talk but WON’T walk the walk”

Criticize teammates ”Run each other down rather than lift each other up”

Are not coachable

When you are not getting better each day, you are telling your teammates that you don’t care OUR team.

1 comment for “Great Teams vs. Destructive Teams

  1. Richard Corbo
    January 28, 2016 at 9:51 am

    Excellent points made for any coach. Veteran coaches become so concerned with re inventing the game and strategy that often forget how fundamentally build a team with a healthy attitude.

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