National Champion Coach on High Performing Teams

This 12 minute video with 24 time National Champion Rugby Coach Jack Clark was posted by If you go to that site, you will be able to view other similar videos with other coaches who have built highly successful Division I programs in various sports.

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Jack Clark on High Performing Teams

At the beginning of this video, Coach Clark discusses the “buckets” that make up the job of a coach.

Those buckets are operations, applied science, coaching, and culture.

The majority of this presentation is on building a high performing team.


The mindset Coach Clark instills with his Cal Rugby teams is “Grateful for everything. Entitled to nothing.” Clark feels that if we are willing to work for everything that we have, that we become more resilient.

To create a value system, you must connect your beliefs together. The system allows the team to process everything that comes before them both on and off the field in a way that is based on values. The beliefs must be complimentary and can never be contradictory.

To establish your programs’ value system, you must spend a lot of time thinking about

The Cal value system is: Selflessness, Constant Performance Improvement (not necessarily improving results), Merit, Toughness, Leadership

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